Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sesame Street's 40

Brought to you by the letter W...W for Walden.

Elmo: Hello Boys and Girls. What day is today?
Walden: November 10, 2009. Why? What's up??
Elmo: Hee Hee! That's right Boys and Girls, it's a special day today!
Walden: Huh? What's so special about today?
Elmo: Today is Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary! Yeappie!!!
Walden: .....

Elmo visited my studio today. He told me it was Sesame Street's 40th anniversary and started teaching me how to sing the letters to his name, E-L-M-O, to the beat of the Village People's song, YMCA. I said sure, only if you'll go and do some inking work for me.

Elmo: Okie Dokie! hee hee! I'm grabbing your pens and brushes! Where are those pages? tee hee hee!

So Elmo and I were talking about Sesame Street. Reminded me of the times when I was younger watching Sesame Street on television. Back then, Kermet the frog was the mascot for Sesame Street. You could find toys of him everywhere. Kermet dolls where you can stick you hand up his butt to make his mouth move. Today, it's a red fur ball named Elmo. Everywhere, Elmo. Tickle me Elmo or do whatever to Elmo. Why did they name him Elmo anyways? Does he have a sibling with black fur and fingernails named Emo? That would be funny. Anyway,as a kid, right after watching Sesame Street, there was another kiddie education program called The Electric Company. Here's the theme song to it. This brings back memories for me.

Which reminded me... HEY! That's my first exposure to Spider-Man! Here's the clip to the introduction of Spider-Man on The Electric Company.

And how about those comic book episodes. Sure, we all sort of remember our first comic book. My first exposure to comic books was on television. Comic Book on TV! Funny thought... In today's world, publishers are putting out comic books where you can download into you ipod or computer. They call it webisodes with comic book characters that move. Well, looking at this clip, it's been done many decades ago. Ain't no new thang!

Finally, did you recognize one of the characters in that Spider-Man Introduction to Electric Company? How about the narrator in the Comic Book TV? No? Well, that's Morgan Freeman. He was a regular on The Electric Company where a lot of kids use to watch back in the day. All of the kids back then are adults now. Probably explains why ever movie that Morgan Freeman appears in, is good! Gives us a sense of comfort to see someone who we've seen when we were kids. Take a look at this Episode.

Elmo: All done!!! hee hee! You got another page for me to ink?
Walden: What?!! You ink faster than me? Let me see... That's chicken scratch. Get outta here!!!


  1. Um, hey Walden,

    Close the lids on your inks and go outside for awhile. You're spending too much time around the ink. Really....the graphics are incredible outside. :)

  2. lol! That's what Elmo recommended me to do too!

  3. My lil' Claudsie's starting to enjoy Sesame Street when it's on. Wondering whether it's too early tho. Experts say to wait till 2 for TV because they don't really have the attention span yet so it winds up just disrupting their play patterns. We have the TV on all the time anyhow cuz my wife and I our addicts--whadya gonna do?

  4. Sesame Street is actually very good. Kiddies will actually learn how to sing and alphabet and recite the numbers in order. Whether they know what they're chanting about is another story. The musical tunes help. Once they get to the age of comprehension, they'll learn faster. Another program that's good is Barny, that purple dinosaur that sings "I love you, you love me, we are happy family, and a great big hug and a kiss for me to you, won't you say you love me to" works wonders for toddlers. You'll be surprised. One program i do not recommend is Teletubbies. This program just puts kids in a trance. Not sure if they ever learn anything from it. It does keep the kids quite, but that's all it does.