Monday, February 1, 2010

Fruit Loops

Kids love Fruit Loops cereal. The other day, I saw some on the table at a restaurant. I was bored and decided to play with them. I started stacking them up to see how high I can make it. Then I stacked them as if I was stacking bricks in a building. All of a sudden, I got this crazy idea. I gathered up the green Fruit Loops and stacked them like this...
Now tell me that doesn't look like the Green Lantern logo. Better yet, the actual Green Lantern as shown below.
If only I had a flash light while playing with the Fruit Loops. I could have shine a light in the Fruit Loop hole in the center and get that Green Lantern Glow effect. I'll put that on my To-Do List.


  1. I'm going to quote my wife on this one when she tells me the same thing: "You're weird!"

    Of course, I probably would have done the same thing. A little key flashlight would have worked as well, since the light bulb would be smaller. :)

  2. Weird? We're normal! Comic people have crazy imaginations.

  3. I'll pass along that explaination to my wife but I'm pretty sure she'll roll her eyes even more. :)