Sunday, March 29, 2015

Vampirella. painted with watercolors


After I finished inking this piece in pen & Ink, I decided to paint some water colors over it. Rarely do I get to paint with watercolors, so this was a good exercise. I like to do more commission pieces like these where I get to ink and add watercolor to them. 

Pencils: Adam Hughes
Inks and Water Colors: Walden Wong

Donated to the Big Wow Comic Fest's (April 18 & 19, 2015) Art Auction.

Vampirella Commission

Vampirella inked over blue lines.  

Pencils: Adam Hughes 
Inks: Walden Wong

Donated to the Big Wow Comic Fest's (April 18 & 19, 2015) Art Auction.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Resident Evil commission

Resident Evil commission inks over Paolo Pantalena's pencils. Here's a scan of the original art.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Commission. Silver Surfer and Galactus

Step by step commission piece over Clayton Henry's pencils. Double page vertical splash. 
Here's where I begin by using various tech pens and flex curves.

My next step is using rulers, templates, and ellipses.
Then I move onto faces and hands which I feel should always be precisely inked. Various tech pens, microns, quills and brushes. Starting with Silver Surfer's face.
Then Silver Surfers right hand.
then his left hand.
Then Galactus' face.
Then I'll start tapering lines
Here's where I start inking the edges of the black areas with a brush. Also used a quill and brush for single lines. Marking areas with an "X" to come back later after erasing.

Close up scan of Silver Surfer during this process...
And Galactus' face 
After all the pencils are erased and areas spotted with blacks, it's pretty much done. 
Here's another photo from a different angle. 
But I'm not quite finished yet. Next step is adding more stuff on my own because there's a lot of empty space in the background that the penciller left blank. 
Added a couple of planets and some black with stars in the background. 
This planet was strategically placed just so I can keep the pencillers signature away from the black with stars and more ledgeable on the planet. I squeeze my signature right underneath.

Added Galactus' left shoulder pad right above his left ear. Then I went back and beefed up some line weights some more, to pop things forward.  Finally re-spotted all the back areas again to give it a rich dark black.
And there you have it. Silver Surfer and Galactus!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nominated in the Inkwell Awards

I was informed that I was nominated in the Inkwell Awards for two categories...

MOST-ADAPTABLE and the PROPS AWARD. Here's a screen capture.

Voting runs from April 15-30, 2014 Here's the ballot...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Arthur Adams' Chef Boyardee commission

Here's a commission piece where I've inked over Arthur Adams pencils. Why so much much blacks? Continue reading....   
I was commission to inked over one of Arthur Adams pencilled artwork, which originally had Wolverine, Beast and Rogue on it. I believe this pencil art was one of the pieces Arthur had done years ago for the packaging label for Chef Boyardee. Not sure if it was used for the labels, but I do know it's an original finished pencil drawing from Arthur Adams that I got the pleasure of inking. The art collector sent me the original pencil art and asked me to ink all three of the characters and make the background all black. Also getting ride of the logo areas that was drawn in. Here's the original pencilled drawing.

This is what it originally looked like after I was done inking all three character with a black background.
Just when I was done with the inks above, I was asked to get rid of the Beast and Rogue... fill them in with blacks so the only character you'll see is only Wolverine. I'm not sure why he decided that route and it seemed like a waste to get rid of Beast and Rogue... this was tough! Covering up the beautiful artwork that Arthur Adams has pencilled in and my inks over them. But what the client wants, is what the client gets. So I made this video of me covering it up. In the video, I've used a disposable watercolor brush to fill in the blacks.

Click video to watch me fill in the blacks...

Again, tough to do and painful to watch.

Pencils: Arthur Adams
Inks: Walden Wong

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles commission

Here's a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle commission piece where I've inked over Mike Bowden's pencils.  I've worked with Mike Bowden on World of Warcraft over at DC Comics and well as Avengers for Marvel.  This was a treat to ink over his original pencils and have the characters at TMNT.  How do you know which character is whom?  For me, I look at which weapons they're holding, as I'm sure most of you use the same method to distinguish them apart.  Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo.
When I was inking the commission piece above, it reminded of the last time I've inked a TMNT piece.  Which was also the FIRST and only time I've inked them.  It wasn't even a commission piece.  I just inked it for myself and used it as a sample piece for my portfolio... before I started doing professional inking work.  Back then, Jeff Matsuda gave me pencil copies of a cover he drew.  This was the time when I was getting critiques and advice from established artist in the industry.  He gave me copies of his pencils and I would ink over them for practice.  Below is that inked piece.
It was okay because it got me work in the industry.  This was one of the last pieces in my portfolio that got me work.  Looking at this now, I cringe.  I see so many mistakes and so many areas where I would ink differently if I was inking it today.  It was nice to ink the turtles again.  Maybe one of these days, I'll get to ink them on a book.  That would be fun.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Inked a 6 page story over Sean Chen's pencils.  Below are some of the pages from this issue.

Spaceship on panel one.  Every line was inked with templates.  I like to use templates on machinery to make them look like, well... machinery.  


My inks over Thony Silas' pencils.  Helped out on four pages.  The double page spread below was a nice fight scene.

Lot of straight forward solid black and white inking


My inks over Julius Gopez's pencils.  I've inked six pages in this issue.  This time, Julius changed his pencilling style.  When I got the files, I thought it was a different penciller.  It's a little different because there's no blacks.  Below are the pages.

Double page spread.

Another double page spread. 


My inks over Julius Gopez's pencils.

Here's a splash page where I used a lot of white out.  All those electricity was done using a white out pen.  

Lots of texture going on here.  You see those chains in panel 4.  Originally, Julius drew them as rope tying Dick Grayson up.  I decided to make those into chains links.

Continuing with the chain lines.  Only more this time.

Below is another page I've inked.  Except, it wasn't used for publishing the book.  It's a splash page of Dick Grayson/Red Hood.  There's an image of this in the book, but it was inked by someone else.  Anyways, I inked this piece up and give it to the Editor.  


My inks over Sean Chen's pencils.  Helping out on a few pages.  I've inked over Sean Chen a while back on a book for DC named, Salvation Run.  So it was goods to be able to ink over his pencils again.  Everything felt comfortable inking over Sean.  Sometimes when I ink over people I've never worked with before, there is a learning curve.  Seeing what inks looks right and what works.  When I inked over Sean again, everything came automatically.

Panels 1 and 2 were fun to work on.  I like when I get pencils that challenges the inks.  In this case, you have an statue's arm that reaches from a white background to the black background with starts.  Not to mention the cross hatching in between the black side and the white side, all the while being behind the statues arm.  The white halo around the figure in the black background.  But no white halo on the arm.  Just a lot of thinking and figuring out how to make it look right.

Monday, January 20, 2014


My Inks over Nick Bradshaw's Pencils.  This marks or last issue working on Wolverine and the X-Men together.  Marvel is restarting the series over with a new #1 and new art team.

Double page spread.

Splash Page

Another double page spread with a lot going on.  How many characters can you cound?  When you're done with that, how many space ships can you count? Then when you're done with that, how many beams and lazers you see?  Have fun!