Thursday, February 18, 2010


Another project that I did some work on. Justice League of America #41. I didn't get comp copies for it this time. Or, maybe it's en route. Could be I got it and forgot I did and can't find it. Here's the cover to this issue.
There's also a variant cover for this issue and here's how it looks.
I only inked four pages and another inset panel for this book. It's my first time inking over Mark Bagley who pencilled the issue. Here's some of the pages I've worked on. Those specks on Donna Troy's outfit was done by using a toothbrush. The bigger white dots, I used a white-out pen. The white lines in her outfit, I just inked around them.
Same with the page below. The background on panels 1 and 2, Black with Stars (or what's also labeled as "BWS") is also done with a toothbrush and a white-out pen. When The penciller drew this page, the background on panel four was marked with a "X" which means that area is supposed to be filled in with black. Since Donna Troy's outfit is black and the background was also black, I had to do something to separate them. I was going to halo (adding a white outline) around all the characters in panel four then decided not to based on some of the references I saw on other books Mark Bagley has done. Of course those could have been the decision of the inkers he's work with in the past. Which I decided to follow sute. So I added a halo on the inside of Donna Troy's outfit around the waist area to separate it from the black background. I did the same with panel two.
Another page with a bunch of characters below. That girl character wearing the jacket on the page below, I'm not quite sure who she is. When I was inking her, I kept thinking she's Mary Jane from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics. I know she's not because this is a DC Comic.
This comics is in stores now and you can find out more by click here.


  1. nice work--I like the last page especially--the orange ape is really cool too. what character is that? is he evil or good?

  2. oh by the way--i sent some work your way on Friday. The Pokemon spine art thing. Did Andrew get it to you yet?

  3. I believe the orange ape is a good character. He's following all the other good guys. Honestly, I don't know who that's supposed to be. Could be evil and in the covers, he's chasing the good guys.

    I didn't get the Pokemon work request from Andrew. Was it near the end of the day? All I got was One Piece, Bleach, and some other "Question Corners" stuff.