Saturday, April 23, 2011


Helped out on a few pages of Gotham City Sirens #22 over Andres Guinaldo's pencils.  All my pages are towards the end of the book.
Here one of Guinaldo's pencils before slapped in over it...
For all the times I've inked over Guinaldo, I've noticed he would draw a lot of lines when it comes to hair.  Criss crossing each other, over lapping, and sometimes looking like scribbles.  I would usually ink each hair line making it more readable.  Dropping off lines that are unnecessary and adding others that'll make it better.  Here's that same page with my inks...
Another black and white page.  I like how the backgrounds in the last panel turned out.  Backgrounds are fun to work on.  Time consuming though.

Another page.  The fingerless gloves in the first panel took the longest to complete.  Cross hatching the lines while contouring to the shape of the hand.
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