Thursday, May 26, 2011

Index card 1

Years ago, someone contacted me through e-mail and asked me to draw something on a couple of index cards for them.  I was so flattered, I said sure.  He sent me a couple of index cards with a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope and a letter asking what he wanted drawn.  I still remember what I drew... Darth Vader and Boba Fett from Star Wars. 

Well, who ever that was, he posted somewhere online that I drew the cards and also posted the address to my studio.  I don't know where it's posted online, but I'm sure of it.  From then on, I would get these letters asking for sketches, along with a couple of index cards, and a self addressed stamped envelope.  I've done numerous of these since.

One time, a father sent me a couple of photos of kids.  The kids were posing on the right side of the photo in a super hero Halloween costume and I would drew characters on the left side.  Sorta like Life meets Art.  Very creative of the father. 

Anyways, I've never made copies or took pictures of the sketch I drew.  Never thought about posting them until now.  So from here on out, every time I do another freebie Sketch Card, I'll post them here.  I'm calling the entries, "Index Cards".  
Here's one for someone in the Netherlands.  He sent me a Dutch Good Luck Charm which I thought was kinda nice (see bottom left of picture).  As usual, a self addressed stamped envelope and a letter.  The letter asked if I can personalize it to his son, which I did for the Batman sketch.  
Sketched it out in pencil, then finished it up with whatever pens I have around at the time... red ball point pen, tech pen, black & silver sharpie, blue & yellow highlighters, and a orange marker.


  1. That's actually a real neat thing to do for people, especially the kids. If it helps them get dragged into comics as a whole, even better.

    Great of you to post those!

  2. Thanks! I've been doing these index cards for quite some time. There's still a whole stack of them waiting for me to get to. Thought it would be neat to post them from here on out as I get to them.