Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Credit No Credit

When I write "Credit No Credit", it reminds me how some colleges offers "Credit/No Credit" in lieu of grades.  Either you get the credit, or you don't.  

Every now and then after I worked on a book, my name would be left out when it's published.   Here's another of those books where it happened again.  It's for Thor #620.1 which I blogged about here when it was originally released.  Recently, I got the comps and notice the missing credit. 
Here's the credits.  Ironically, it's right on the bottom of the splash page I've inked.
Interestingly enough, my name was still on the comp list for the work because I was sent these comics.  Tickles me every time.


  1. That's absolutely ridiculous! I know there are artists who are often uncredited deemed worth enough for menial tasks like finishing up pencils to make them tighter or filling in backgrounds (especially under tight deadlines), but why can't they see their names in the credits too? Does it take away from Mark Brooks' reputation or abilities to say that he was inked? That's unacceptable.

  2. I've inked Mark Brooks in the past quite a few times and all those books, I was credited. I'm not sure what happened here. It wasn't as if I was working as an assistant under the table. I was directly in contact with Marvel while working on it, Marvel sent me a check for the work, and they even send me this complementary copies. It may have been a last minute oversight.