Friday, April 11, 2014

Arthur Adams' Chef Boyardee commission

Here's a commission piece where I've inked over Arthur Adams pencils. Why so much much blacks? Continue reading....   
I was commission to inked over one of Arthur Adams pencilled artwork, which originally had Wolverine, Beast and Rogue on it. I believe this pencil art was one of the pieces Arthur had done years ago for the packaging label for Chef Boyardee. Not sure if it was used for the labels, but I do know it's an original finished pencil drawing from Arthur Adams that I got the pleasure of inking. The art collector sent me the original pencil art and asked me to ink all three of the characters and make the background all black. Also getting ride of the logo areas that was drawn in. Here's the original pencilled drawing.

This is what it originally looked like after I was done inking all three character with a black background.
Just when I was done with the inks above, I was asked to get rid of the Beast and Rogue... fill them in with blacks so the only character you'll see is only Wolverine. I'm not sure why he decided that route and it seemed like a waste to get rid of Beast and Rogue... this was tough! Covering up the beautiful artwork that Arthur Adams has pencilled in and my inks over them. But what the client wants, is what the client gets. So I made this video of me covering it up. In the video, I've used a disposable watercolor brush to fill in the blacks.

Click video to watch me fill in the blacks...

Again, tough to do and painful to watch.

Pencils: Arthur Adams
Inks: Walden Wong


  1. Saw the video and didn't get it, now I understand! haha

    Client is always right.

  2. Believe me, I didn't get it when I was asked to cover up Beast and Rogue. But the client is always right, even if I don't get it. :)

  3. The client is always right in their own mind, and it is wise to always treat the client with respect as if they were right. But we all know in this instance he/she was dead wrong.