Monday, May 18, 2009


I received this unexpected package today. Didn't know what was in there. I opened it up and it was this nice looking hardcover Graphic Novel pictured above. Then I looked down and I read FINAL CRISIS. For a second, I though to myself, "Who sent this to me? I don't remember ordering this." Then I realized I did some work for the title helping out on deadlines and this was a comp copy. A very nice surprise. DC Comics did a great job putting this hardcover together. The whole book including the dust jacket looks really nice. Very well done. I went to DC Comics website and found out this goes on sale June 10. The one I got was an advanced copy. Nice. You can read more about this hardcover here.


  1. Wow. Is that a JG cover or Ross? Hope it is JG's version. Be a shame if he didn't have the first crack at doing the collection cover.

    Pretty nice that they comp'd you a copy.

  2. It's a JG cover. I think they did a great gob on the cover.