Monday, June 22, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a Tour De France animation project I did for (See my posting on June 9th below). Today, they released another Episode. Here is my inks for Lance Armstrong. Lot of Lance Armstrong fans out there for sure. I've already been asked by a bunch of people to sell some of the artwork for it.Below are the images for the backgound cyclist. Again, lots of thick and thin lines with the inks. Broken lines and dots. I did a lot of whipping and flicking on the pin nibs to make them look l ike this.Below is another image of a couple of cyclist. They both look the same. Only difference are the legs which needed to be done in two differenty the animators can make them look... um... animated. Lots of images are done this way to help out on the animation.
The three images above are just a few of many images that I've worked on. I could post every piece of work which would be boring to look at. Instead, take a look at the animated video by clicking here. Episide 4 is titled "Battle Preparations". All the line work you'll see in the video was inked by me. Very cool to watch.


  1. You ever get feedback from Lance himself on the art?

  2. Never heard from Lance himself about he art. I'm sure he's seen it. I should ask the marketing people to see what he thinks.