Friday, November 13, 2009

Credit / No Credit

In college, sometimes you'll get credit for your classes and sometimes you don't. College prepares you for life in the outside world so you won't be surprised. Which brings up my post for today. I just got my comps for working on Predator #3. I posted my inks a while back, so I won't post them again. Instead, I took a photo of the two pages I worked on from the actual comic book. The above picture also shows the cover to this book as well as the credit page from the inside front cover. I placed a bottle of ink next to the credit page. Why? Because there's no Inker credit. In fact, I didn't get credit for this issue. But that's okay, Dark Horse did send me comps and payment which means they know I worked on it. So it doesn't bother me at all.

This does happen once in a while. The credit no credid. Like the book I worked on above where I don't get any credit at all. Sometimes, another person's name gets the credit where they didn't contribute to any of the work. Or my name being listed with the incorrect pages numbers which gets confused between other inkers. I've also seen books where I didn't have involvement in and I got credit as the Inker. Another classic one would be where my name is on the cover, but someone else's name is on the credits inside of the book. And vice versa. Again, one of us wasn't a part of the book. That's a common one where a certain person is solicited as the artist on the book, but during the process, the artist changes before the book is published. My favorite is when publishers spell my name incorrectly. A popular one is when they drop the letter "E" and add a "O". As in "Waldon". Well, what can you do? Mistakes happen all the time. Ironic I got these comp copies today seeing that's it's Friday the 13th. Or is it "Fridoy"?


  1. Yes! I did inks for Warhammer (10 pages) and they never put my name in the credits.
    I did the inks for "Fleischer #1" and the names in the cover (and inside) are the writer and the penciler. Where is the inker name???? lol
    Waldong.. What is happening with you forum? I'd like send you a few pages for critics.
    Thanks - Merbitt (or Mirbet... or Mebit... is the same!)

  2. Heh... got my first ever comp copy of a comic that I had a pinup in (atomikmike vol 2 btw) after only 2 years of waiting. Check the credits and there's my misspelt name - Seah Ellery! :+/


  3. I when a book is solicited and I order the book based on that and then the publisher changes the individuals working on the book. Or they do and I miss ordering because of that.



  4. From a purchasing point of view, I pre-order comics based on who's solicited as the artist months in advance. There are times when the books arrive, it's a completely different artist all together. Makes me wonder why I ordered it in the first place. Then I realized an artist has been changed in the process. Happens all the time. When that happens, I believe those comics become returnable for retailers. Which isn't a bad thing if you're a customer who buys comics in a shop. If you order your comics online and they get sent to you, that's a different story.

  5. Right, there are certain metrics that allow a book to be returned. From a small retailer standpoint (which I go to locally), they get credit for the book but are required to ship it back to Diamond at their cost. And I hate to see them have to pay $4 for a $3 book to go back so they can get their (let's say) $2 cost credit.

    Just mismangement to me. Ughh....Project Planning. Lost art.