Monday, November 30, 2009

Recycling FedEx boxes

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! It's been a while since I blogged. I like to post as often as I can, but when deadlines knocks, I concentrate on work to get things done. Here's a picture I took a few weeks ago which I thought was amusing.
Once a week on garbage day, I would crush and flatten all the FedEx packages I receive and place them into the recycling bin. When I was about to do that, something caught me by surprise. That's a lot of FedEx packages! More than I've ever gotten in a one week period. Each time I get one of these FedEx boxes, there are pages in to for me to ink. And looking at the amount of boxes (nine) made me realize... Man... I've been busy. Not to mention the Blue Line inks that arrived by e-mail or FTP instead of FedEx around the same time. A bunch of them were me lending a helping hand with the publishers deadlines. Which is understandable since a lot of people we're off or closed for the Holidays and pages needed to be turned in sooner. After I took this picture, I stacked up all the boxes and body slammed it like a wrestling super star! Climbed up to stand on the edge of the blue recycling bin, jumped off towards the FedEx boxes, and BOOM! Imagine that.


  1. Walden, you seriously need to shut the lid on the inks. :)

    But man, that is a ton of boxes that had a ton of work in there. Deadlines that much for you?

  2. Those were for deadlines that were due before the Thanksgiving holiday. Glad they're completed.

    Patrick, is that a GI Joe Snake Eye avatar you got there? You a GI Joe fan?

  3. Yeah, always been a GI Joe fan and my best bud Lee is drawing the latest Snake Eyes mini series that is out right now.

  4. dude you gotta see MY pile.... I'll take a pic of it tonight :(

  5. Tom, you got more? You must've been busy! FedEx box Garbage day is one of the days I don't look forward too. Cutting up and flattening those boxes just to make them fit in the recycle bin isn't exactly fun.