Friday, December 11, 2009


Here's my comp copies for THE WEB #3 that I did some finishes over Roger Robinson.
The editor on the series contacted me and asked if I had time to do some finishes on an issue of The Web. "The Web"?, I thought. Does that have something to do with Spider-Man? Can't be, because it's a DC Comics editor who's contacting me. I did some research and found out The Web was originally published by Archie Comics which is now licensed to DC Comics for publishing under their Red Circle line.

Here are some black and white images of my finishes."Finishes" is when I get penciled that are more like layouts where I would need to get in there to finish off the work and make it look good. There's some pencilling involved when doing finishes. In my case, I like draw it with ink on the finishes. I was pitch hitting for for inker, Hilary Barta, on the book and was given references to his inks. Initially, I was going for Hilary's style as close as I can as you can see on this page.
I had a chat with the penciller and he wanted the work to look close to Dave Johnson and Cully Hamner's work. Thick and bold. Since I've inked Dave Johnson in the past (Superman Red Son), I've switched gears and give the later pages a more thick and bold feel as follows...
Then I had another chat with the penciller where he wanted things to be more angular. So I put my chameleon game face on and angled it up as shown here...
Different styles just on the three pages above. It was my first time working with penciller, Roger Robinson, and with all pencillers, there's always a learning curve. Learning is always good because it shows you'll have room to continue to grow. I always welcome it.
This issue is out in stores now and you can find out more about it by clicking here.

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