Monday, June 28, 2010


Batgirl #11 is out in stores!  My inks over Lee Garbett's pencils.  This was the first time I've worked with Lee and I must say he's a blast to work with.  A very talented and creative individual.  You should check out his blog.  Lots of fun stuff.
From the get go, we hit it off and started to create a inking style for the overall art.  There were two art teams for this issue.  I inked Lee Garbett's part of the book which was the first fourteen pages.
With the pages I inked, you can almost see the inking style morph (you'll have to pick up the book to see the rest of the pages).  For example, in the earlier pages, I used straight edges for all backgrounds and inked the characters in a bold, almost flat outline.  Using both brush and pen.
Towards the end, I put away all the straight edges and free handed all the backgrounds.  The figures, I opted out the thick bold outlines and give them more of a line width bounce all around.   Almost brush work exclusively with minor pen.

Here's the page colored by Guy Major.

 Here's the last page of the issue.  A beautiful splash page of Batgirl and Man Bat.
And the completed colors for it.
Batgirl #11 is in stores now.  For more info, click here.


  1. you just know that I want the high res for the splash pages of these don't you...? :+P


  2. LOL....when I saw your name was on the book, I snagged it and saw you only did a portion of it but I think it is sad at this point when I pretty much can pick out the pages you inked because of your inking style.

    Sigh...that's pretty sad.

  3. That's a good thing when you can recognize inks. Actually kinda cool. Just a couple of days ago, I was looking at some T-Shirts with comic book characters. By looking at the characters, I knew who was the different artist behind each character as well as the inker over them. Hum... Now that I think about it, maybe I have a little bit of that sad. :)