Thursday, June 3, 2010

Longshot. Unpublished work.

Unpublished LONGSHOT work for Marvel from a long time ago. My inks over Pete Woods' pencils during our Deadpool days at Marvel. It was supposed to be for a one shot stand alone issue. We worked on a bunch of pages. Before the project was completed, it got scrapped.

Below is what was supposed to be the cover for the one shot.
Kingpin's origin on one page.
And one of my favorite pages with all the details.


  1. Ahh, you teased me too much. Here I thought you were going to post some sample inks you did over Art Adams' original Longshot series. You sneaky man you.

    But I do like these inks. Seems like you might be a little more slicker now than back then. Goes with all the experience.

  2. Good eye, Patrick! This Longshot was inked way early in my inking days. Before I mastered using a brush.

    At the time, I was very excited about the project. A Longshot book which I knew Arthur Adams would check out once published. But it never happened. I don't even think Art knew I worked on this cancelled project.