Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Did some work for Spider-Man vs. Vampires over Roberto Castro's pencils.  
Here's some of my inks.  Web slinging Spidey...
Spidey vs. Vampires...   This page almost got a but confusing during the inking stage.  I had to add all all those white line halos in certain areas to separate foreground blacks from background blacks.  Otherwise everything will mesh together and you won't see the form of the characters.
Wall crawling Spidey and a fighting ring.  White lines on the building windows to keep the perspective going.  The last panel was fun and took a while to complete.
Spidey and Blade.  I think this is the first time I've actually worked on the character Blade.  Very cool.  all the time I was inking Blade, I though about Wesley Snipes and the term, "Day Walker".  Strange want goes on in my head when I'm working.
Spider-Man vs. Blade in a cage match.
I've inked eleven pages for this issue.  Marvel posted up the first six preview pages (which I also inked) and you can view them by clicking this link.  Check it out.  

Spider-Man vs. Vampires is in stores now.

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