Thursday, November 10, 2011


Deadpool #43 is out in stores.  Cover by Dave Johnson.
Pencils by Carlo Barberi and inks by Walden Wong.

I used templates to ink all the cars.  Took quite some time to complete.  It's something I like to do to make the cars looks mechanical. 

More template work, brushes, and pens.  Hardest part was inking that big round  propeller precisely on the aircraft... No template for that, so I used a flex curve where I'll bend it to the right shape.

I could have stat some of the background on this page because they were the same in panel  1, 2 & 3.  But that would be more work in Photoshop to put them all together.  Inked it the old fashion way, where everything is hand inked.


  1. Love that last page. Good stuff there.

    And yeah, those shapes where you don't have a template honestly suck. Some of the stuff I've been doing over Lee's stuff I've been using french curves to no end. Good because they help out just have to be very cautious on how you can really flatten the lines out.

  2. Thanks Patrick. You're right about using curves to help out. Just keep in mine the line weights as you go. When I use them, I would adjust the templates slightly to give the line some bounce to them. Lineweights with templates. One of the reason why it's a bit more work than freehand.