Sunday, October 4, 2009

Commission and Sound Effects

No... This isn't a a cover to a comic book called SHINE. I finally finished this commission piece of Colossus, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler. Scanned it and decided to add some special sound effects. Here's what happened when I added those effects to this piece. We all know when Wolverine pops his claws, you hear the sound effect, SKINT. When Nightcralwer teleports, you hear BAMF. I was going to type FART because that effect was right under his butt. Then decided to just go with BAMF to give each character their own distinctive sound effect. As for Colossus, he doesn't have a special effect. Didn't want to leave him out, so I gave the effect SHINE behind him. Is that even an a sound effect? How does SHINE sounds?

Below is my completed inks without any lettering. Well... I did letter my name by hand. The scribble that I do.

This piece was pencilled by Mike McKone which I printed out in blue line. Before I printed everything out in blue, I used photoshop to only print McKone's signature in black so I won't have to ink that. Everything came out blue except for his signature. Then I scribbled my own name under his.


  1. I'd love the high res to this - as always..!
    (and that spiderman/vulture pinup as well..)


  2. OK, I maybe in the minority here but I think all that awesome work you did designing that background effect was covered up by the lettering. But I get you were trying to add something else to the image.

  3. You're absolutely right, Patrick. The Majority of the work was that BAMF blast from Nightcrawler and I covered it up with letters. You would be surprised how much stuff gets covered in published comics these days. Back in the day, letterers would hand letter pages beforehand. Not anymore. Today,
    artist will draw everything out and when it comes time for digital letters, a lot of art is covered up. I've seen faces covered up with some of the work I've done in the past.

  4. Oh yeah, I know. That is why I appreciate the b/w art so much since the wording covers a ton up.

    If you follow Kevin Nowlan's blog and he posts his Jack B. Quick pages, all his prelims are all rough lettered before he draws so he doesn't waste time/space with stuff that would be covered up. Truly a master.