Friday, October 9, 2009

Packages and Comp Copies

Yesterday, I stepped out for a moment only to come back to see my door with these tags. Shipments from three different carriers. When pencillers send me pages to work on, I would know in advance that I'll be getting a package so I hang around for it. Other times, I would get unexpected packages of comp copies, art returns, or whatever it is. Every once in a while, I may get one door tag. This is a first for me. Three tags in one day.
At least one of packages was left behind. In it, were these Comic Books wrapped with a packaging list from Marvel. Very nicely organized.
There was this one packaging list that didn't include comics. Just a stamp that reads "Out of Stock". I wasn't expecting any comp copies, so getting anything is always nice. Getting this "Out of Stock" packing list is like someone saying you won the lottery, but they ran out of money so you get nothing. This could have been left out of the package and I won't be the wiser. But it did tickled me funny.
Here's all the comics in the package. Comp Copies of Comics that I did some inking work a long while back. Three copies of each title.
Below is THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN FAMILY #6. There's a bunch of different stories in there. I worked on two of the stories. On the right are pages from the different stores I inked. One story was pencilled by Tim Levins and the other by Adam DeKraker.
Here's MARVEL APES GRUNT LINE SPECIAL. I opened up one of the books to the double page spread in which I inked over Reilly Brown's pencils.
This here is DARK REIGN YOUNG AVENGERS #2. On the far right is the FIRST page I've ever inked over Mark Brooks who pencilled the book. I remember being asked to help out on three or four pages over a weekend because of deadlines. That weekend came and I ended up helping out on eight pages. Everybody, including Mark, was so impressed with the way I work that I got to do more issue later on. Working with Mark is a blast! This one is for MARVEL APES SPEEDBALL #1. Again, two pages from the interior over Chad Hardin's pencils.
The comics above, I inked on Blue Line except for the Speedball Special which I inked over original pencils. These books are out and in stores now.

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