Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Got a comp copy for TRINITY VOL. 3 which I did some work in. Here's a picture of it.
It's out in stores now and you can read more about it by clicking here.

It's been a while since I posted more Comic Con pictures that I took. So here we go. Here's a picture of the Marvel booth. They got these Iron Man Backdrops. Every so often, people dressed in costumes would go up there and pose. I JUST noticed Captain America up there when I uploaded this. You see him? I thought it was just the four Iron Mans when I took the picture.
When I was in the booth, there was this lady that walked up to me. Asked me if I wanted to apply for a job. What the hell?? Apply for a job as an artist? She hands me this business card (the one she's holding). On the card, it reads "Stark Enterprise" and on the back, it has an address and phone number to apply for a job. Stark Enterprise is a company owned by Tony Stark, AKA, Iron Man. Fictional character and company. So I ask her, "this is fake, right?" What if I really called this number? Will they hire me? Then she replied, "well, if you know heavy machinery and weapons of mass destruction, you can quality for a job". She's so into character at the convention. Had the ID Stark Enterprise badge and all. Must be Tony Starks fictional secretary.
Then I saw her red colored Day Planner. I asked her to let me see what's inside. She let me take a picture of it. I told her, "Wow, you're all into character, huh? That note pad is empty, you want my phone number? Give me a call? Have a good time?" And she just smiled.

More pictures from the show. This is Red Sonja and some guy in a red outfit. I've seen that red pirate costume, I just can't quite place who he's supposed to be. Doesn't matter, I didn't take this picture for him. Hell, I didn't even notice he was there.
Another picture. Again, Didn't notice the guy when I was taking it. Too busy noticing a couple of other things.
Here she is. Red Sonja without that red guy.
Poof!! The red guy is now replaced with a red girl. Much nicer for my eyes.
Spoke too soon, Red guy pops back. He wanted to be in the pictures. Again, didn't notice him. Too distracted by looking at a pair of.... um... girls.


  1. You know, Photoshop can remove "red guy". :)

  2. Isn't that Captain Morgan? Or have I just been drinking too much rum??

  3. dude i love your pics :) I still haven't uploaded mine from Wizard World Chicago :(