Tuesday, May 18, 2010

R.E.B.E.L.S. #16

Got a big batch of comp copies for REBELS #16 because I inked the whole issue.  With DC Comics, the amount of comps you get from your work depends on how many pages you worked on and how many creators are involved.  The most I've every gotten for comps are twenty five copies.  Here's a picture of the comics.
Originally, Scott Hanna was supposed to ink this issue but he came down with the flu.  I was called in to ink a few pages.  One thing lead to another and I was asked if I would be interested in inking the whole issue over Claude St. Aubin's pencils.  And here we are today.  The following page may look familiar because I posted some of it to a Daily Desktop a while back.
With this project, I was asked to mimic another inker along with doing a lot of stippling with the inks.  If you look closely through these black & white images, you'll see a lot of dots that form lines.  Those dots are stipples.  Stippling takes a while to finish, but it was fun to do.
This issue also introduces two new Green Lanterns.  Here they are below in panel two.  The green lantern logos isn't in the orb on their chest yet.  Which alarmed me thinking Claude, the penciller, forgot to draw them in.  But there's a reason it's not there.  You'll have to get to book to find out more.    
The whole issue, I inked on Blue Line printouts over high resolution pencil scans.  Below is one of the pages with Starfire in it.  First the long legs in panel one, then followed by panel two.  Sexy!  You can see a preview of this issue by clicking here
The regular inker for this series, Scott Hanna, contacted me after he saw the issue to say I did a good job and that he was glad DC found a good inker to replace for the issue.  Nice compliment especially coming from Scott.

 REBELS #16 is in stores now.  More info by clicking here.

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