Monday, May 17, 2010


As the cover reads, Brightest Day Titans Villians for Hire Special.  A book I worked on which I just got comp copies of.  My inks over Sergio Arino's pencils.  Inked on blue line printouts from high res files e-mailed to me from the artist located in Spain.  Here's a picture of the comics.
One of the pages with Deathstroke the Terminator.  *RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT*  except in the comic, there was no special effect like that in the first panel.
Another page below where they're in a car.  One of the things about inking over blue line printouts is sometimes, you loose some of the pencil details on the faces because the blue printouts are so light.  I usually print out a black and white copy of the same page and have that next to the blue line page to reference.  
Other times, I will have the high res file opened on my computer screen and I'll zoom in to reference the faces on the blue line boards I'm inking on.  I'll just look back and forth from my monitor to bristol board to make sure all the lines I'm inking are not missed.  When it comes to faces, I like to make that extra effort to not loose any details when inking on blue line printouts.
Finally, I was also sent variant covers for this same issue.  
This comic is in stores now and you can click here for more info.


  1. Hi Walden: I'm inking over blue lines too and I convert the file on Duetone with C: 30% and Y: 5%.
    It works for me and I don't loose details.
    Of course, I have a copy of the pencil page side by side, but I can see most of the lines on the blue page.

  2. Hey Merbitt, Great to hear from you. The majority of the time, I do see all the details in the blue. When the faces are drawn smaller than usual or when the penciller draws very lightly, that's when the blue gets a bit muddy. Before I print on blue line, I also adjust the contrast to make the pencils darker.

    I'm going to give your method a try as well. See if that'll tighten things up. Thanks, buddy!