Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Skrull commission piece over Arthur Adams

Here's another commission piece I've inked over Arthur Adams' pencils.   Skrulls!  Here's how it looks before I did any work on it.  Some of the areas were already filled in with Black.  Arthur drew this about four years ago and when I told him I was inking it, he remembered he partially inked it.  Great memory!
The person who commission me wanted the extra two Skrulls in the back left, which was drawn in a really light blue pencil.  I could hardly see it in the original when I was inking it.  I followed what I could see and referenced the line work from the other two Skrulls on the right.  Here's how it looks when I was finished.  I think that's supposed to be Kitty Pryde as a Skrull.  

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  1. Awesome stuff. You're like Art's regular go to guy now!