Thursday, September 1, 2011


Here's the cover to Deadpool #42.
Cover art: Dave Johnson
My name is spelled incorrectly in this issue.  "WaldOn" with an 'o' instead of the correct way,  Walden with an 'e'.  I don't get how that happens.  My name was mispelled in issue #40, then it was correctly spelled in issue #41.  Now it's back to the same mispelling in #42.  The credit page must have been manually adjusted as each comic goes into publication.

Now onto the inks where I've inked over the talented Carlo Barberi.

Round 3, fight!!!  Nah... that number 3 just represents the cell number in the story.

I like the sparks effect that's coming out of Deadpool's head in panel 1.  Reminds me of how Arthur Adams draws his sparks.
 Now on to another page, from Pencils, to inks, to colors and letters....
Pencils: Carlo Barberi.
Inks: Walden Wong
Colors: Ferran Daniel
Letters: VC's Joe Sabino

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