Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flashpoint pins

DC Comics sent me a bag of Flashpoint pins.  From what the letter says, everyone who helped out with Flashpoint was sent a complete set of 16 Flashpoint pens which were available exclusively to retailers.  A small token of their gratitude.  What a nice gesture.  In case you're wondering, underneath the bags of pin is just the back of that DC letter.  Even the paper that this letter is printed on is cool,  There are characters on the back of it.
Anyways... I took all the pins and pinned them on the holiday gift DC Comics sent to freelancers last year.  The messenger bag with the DC logo on it.  I thought I blogged about the messenger bag when I got it last year, but it must have slipped my mind.  In any case, here it is now... all decked out with Flashpoint pins.


  1. how the heck can I get a job with DC so I can get cool stuff and comps like these...? :+)


  2. Show them your work and once they hire you, you'll be in their freelance pool.