Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Batman commission piece over Adam Hughes

On the left is the Batman pencil sketch by Adam Hughes.  On the right is my inks over it... grey wash and all.


  1. Wow. Ink wash?

    Love the shading on the jaw and face. the use of the tones to shade it.

    Was this for someone or over blue lines?

    Me likey!

  2. Thanks, Patrick. It was for someone and over blue lines. Originally, I was commission to ink over the original pencils. But when I got the page, the owner changed his mind. So I did it over blue line instead. So now, he has both the pencil and the inks.

  3. I wondered. Still came out pretty damn nice in the end. Has a real animated feel to it.

    Just some nice stuff.

  4. Just out of curiosity did you draw the blue line or did Adam Hughes?

  5. Craig, when I got the Adam Hughes pencil sketch, it's exactly as pictured above left. What I did was scanned that pencils sketch and converted it to Blue Lines in Photoshop. Once I got that done, I've printed it out on a separate Bristol board and did inks and wash over that. When all was done, I sent back the original pencil sketch intact along with my ink was finish. Hope that clears it up.