Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Green Lantern Comission

On the left of the picture below is the original pencil piece by Steven Sanchez which was sent to me.  An art collector contacted me requesting the piece to be inked over blue line as he wanted to have a triptych framed piece.  Pencils on the left, inks in the middle, and colors on the right.  So I took the pencils, scanned that in and printed it out on Blue Line for inks. 
The art collector was going to hire a computer colorist to do the colors over my inks. but I thought it would be cool to hand paint the image myself.  Instead of having a computer colored piece framed from a printout, it'll be a colored piece done by hand.  After the inks were done (center), I scanned it and printed that out in black & white.  Using the printout and worked my Water Colors over it.  Below are all three all scanned up.
This commission traveled it's way to Portland, Oregon.

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