Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Copies of Wolverine and the X-Men Alpha & Omage #2 with my inks over a few pages of Mark Brooks pencils.

With the pencil pages I was working on, Mark Brooks were doing it all digital.
When I got a hold of it, It was traditional hand inks with a bit of digital work to maintain the textures Mark wanted.

The character above in panel 3 was a bit confusing to ink.  She had this exo-suit where I had to halo (white line separating two black area) it out.  Then her person also had halos.  I'm one of those inkers who like to ink around the halos, as supposed to using white ink on top of blacks.  I know it's a bit more work, but I'm nutty that way.
Colors by Andres Mossa

It turned out okay with the colors as you can see above.  I know halos sometimes confuses the colorists as to what color they should add into the halos and they need to be more careful with them.  For example, in panel two, the tip of the index finger didn't have the white halo and it falls back into the background colors.

Marvel Comic's plug.

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