Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Here's DC Universe Presents #6, Challengers of the Unknown.  Is it, "DC Universe Presents #6 Challengers of the Unknown" or if it's "DC Universe Presents: Challengers of the Unknown #6"?  I dunno...   
This was a fun project while it lasted.  Why?  Because I got to work with Jerry Ordway, inking over his pencils.  Before I even started working in comics, I was a huge fan of his work.  Taking it a little further, I was a fan of his artwork before I even knew the name behind it.  And now, I've gotten to work with him.  Even if it's just for a few pages, it still awesome!

All template work with the Plane.  Shoot, everything mechanical is all done with templates.  Everything organic, by hand.  Brushes, nibs and pens. 

Look at these faces!  Man... I got to ink over Jerry Ordway.  Hot Damn!

Tapering lines.  Panel 3 where he's video recording with the lights and all, that was a nice challenge mainly because  those tapered lines and light source was coming in from all over the place.  I wanted to give these tapered lines a sharp tip both on the white and in the blacks.

Jerry's a great penciller, all I needed to do was follow the lines that he drew.  I didn't for the larger splash panel with all the mountains textures.  At first, I was inking them in meticulously as how Jerry pencilled them. Then for some reason, I started to automatically do textures for the mountain.  Scribbling and noodling in the blacks, then pulling out the white-out to scribble and noodle in the whites above the blacks.  Years of inking makes you do funny things sometimes.   Man... I got to ink Jerry Ordway!  
More info about this book here.

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