Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Haven't posted in a while because I was so busy. Not so much because of comic book work, more so because I've moved to a different home and studio. Packing stuff up, moving to a new location, and unpacking. Not everything is unpacked. The other day, I was looking for my portfolio bag so I could carry some artwork out of the house. Couldn't find the portfolio bag. Before I moved, my studio was already a mess. But I knew where everything was. After the move, things were just placed everywhere in boxes. I good tip I can give is, if you ever plan on moving, make sure you label all your boxes and label what room they go into. Instead of just putting everything into your new home randomly, think about where you want things to be before you move it into a new place. Have all that done during the move, as supposed to rearranging things later on creating more work for yourself. It'll make life easier after the move. Trust me. It was a total crisis. Speaking of Crisis, here's a comp I got from DC Comics. Infinite Crisis Omnibus.
I've done some work on some crisis book and this was the comp that was sent to me. A hefty $150.00 book! More info here.

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