Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Uncanny X-Men #3.  I did some inks over Rodney Buscemi's pencils.

Texture fun with the chair in panel 2.

My favorite panel is the last one.  Where she's walking out of the column.
Marvel's website about the book is here.


  1. I am a fan of your inking. I feel like a hopeful jedi padawan watching the Knights at work when I see your stuff. Take me on as a student!

  2. Thank you. You're on! Keep checking out this site and I'll upload more stuff. I've been behind on posting new work as they're published. Still got a bunch of more stuff to post.

  3. can you critique some of my scribbles on my blog? My goal for 2013 is LINE WEIGHT, LINE VARIATION, LINE FLOW! (no more lazy lines!). Thanks Walden for all you do to inspire us little guys to do better.

  4. Sure thing. Checking out your blog now.