Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hulk Comics Surprise!

Here's a nice surprise I got from Marvel. Just when I didn't think I would get comp copies from them, I get a package with all of this inside.
Two Hulk:Red and Green Trade Paperbacks, and three of each Hulk #7, 8, and 9. There were variant covers to these comics. One cover drawn by Arthur Adams and the other by Frank Cho. All the ones I got were by Arthur Adams.

The comics were published about a year ago and the trade paperbacks were released more recently. There's a Hard Cover of it out there, but I didn't get any comps for that. Nor did I get any comps for King Size Hulk #1, which is the first part to the four issue story line. More recently, there's a larger sized hardcover that collects all of the eariler Hulk issues as well. But that's quite okay, I'm just happy I got any comps at all. Very nice.

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