Thursday, August 27, 2009


Just got three comp issues of JUSTICE LEAGUE of AMERICA #36 today that I worked on. When I was about to take this picture, I tried to fan the comic books out like how the cover has the playing cards fanned out. Then I realized, there's five playing cards on the comic book cover that's all bloody. I just have these three comic books and I didn't want blood all over it. Then I think, wait, there's already blood. It's as if you're watching a TV monitor being filed my a video camera that's feeding the same TV with a loop. It got kinda surreal for me so I gave up and just took it like this. Here's a couple of the inked pages I worked on. Page 20 with the whole team.
And page 21 with Vixen chatting it up.
This comic is in stores now and you can read more about it by clicking here.


  1. haha you're silly. The bloody girls thing at Comic Con is strange to me.

  2. I agree. Seem like this past Comic Con, everywhere you look were bloody girls. Pretty and ugly at the same time. It's like Sweet and Sour pork.

  3. Crap on the JLA. Going to have to go back and snag that issue. Missed it.

    The zombie girl. Well, she doesn't look happy to be in that role but you know, that's what I'd expect out of a zombie. Clueless. But you know she was hired to be a model at a convention and that was all she was told. She shows up and they say, "Well, we got this bucket of paint and a chainsaw...."