Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tom Nguyen

This past SDCC, I got to hang out with my buddy, Tom Nguyen, over at his booth in Artist Alley. Here's a picture I pulled from Tom's camera. The guy in the middle is Andy Owens who's also a fellow Inker. He was just introducing us to HANDson and PALMula.
Anyway, Back to Tom. Then there were these two kids that walked up to his booth. Coincidentally, I found this picture of the same two kids at another website. I kid you not. These were the two kids!!! I recognize them AND their T-Shirts. One kid in a Rainbow shirt and the other in red. So each of them asked if they can get a sketch and autograph from Tom.
Tom Said sure. The younger kid gave Tom his sketchbook first. Tom signs his name on top with a gold pen. Then starts to draw something on the bottom. I thought to myself, "This is cool, I get to see how Tom draws stuff." He starts out with some lines... circles... dots... then gives it back to the first kid. .......?????
At this point... I was confused. Maybe I didn't see it right. So the older kid gives Tom his sketch book and Tom did the same thing. Signs his name on top... Draws lines... dashes... loops... I can't even explain it. See for yourself...
And here's somewhat how our conversation went after he signed those and the kids runs off all happy....

Walden: What was that you drew?
Tom: I don't know what it is. They're just lines.
Walden: What?!
Tom: Yeah. Look at the kids... They don't care. As long as it's a free sketch, they're happy.
Walden: ????
Tom: Just lines.
I couldn't stop laughing at the "They're just lines" comment. During my trip home, I was still cracking up. As I'm blogging this, it's still too funny! "Just lines."
But wait... It gets even better!!! Remember that picture of the two kids above? I thought to myself, Why did the other website have a picture of them? When I looked, a pop up appeared alongside their picture. Read for yourself...
The kid is the red shirt is Frankie Jonas. So I quickly did a search online to see who he was. He's the younger brother of the singing group "The Jonas Brothers" as well as an actor who has a recurring role on the Disney Channel sitcom, "Jonas".
And that's how Tom Nguyen draws for celebrities! Priceless! lol!


  1. Tom is one hell of a guy and glad I got to meet him at Chicago (Thanks Tom, sketchbook is awesome!) and that is one funny story.

    Should have said the symbols were a secret code and if they could decipher it, they would get a bigger prize.

  2. LMAO I gotta repost this for others to see....I had no idea that kid was somewhat famous! IN HIS FACE!! :P

    Patrick--follow my blog, silly! :) And thanks for dropping by my table in Chicago!


  3. lol. They do look like symbols!

    I didn't know the kid was somewhat famous. Maybe that explains the recognizable face.

  4. I updated this post with another picture.

  5. Ahahahaha! Tom! Gotta love him!