Thursday, September 3, 2009

Inking body organs

Here's something I don't do everyday. I recently did some work for the Turpin Foundation. They contacted me to ink a Heart and a Pancreas with a comic book feel. These images will be used to make T-Shirts for a motorcycle rally on to raise funds for Johns Hopkins Pancreatic Cancer Center. I inked the first two images with minimal rendering. Really thick outlines and thinner insides.
I was asked to ink one of each. But I decided to give them couple of each so they have more choices to pick from. So I inked the next two with more cross hatching... giving it more dept. The numbers you see were just something I added on so it would be easier for people to point out which piece they're talking about.

My first time inking body organs and it was fun to do. Made me feel like one of those artist who does art for medical textbooks. I believe they're going to use it in a slogan reading "I (heart) my (Pancreas)." Where the images will replace (heart) and (Pancreas).


  1. I'd say "I 'heart' this type of post." but I'm afraid you'd just ink it.

  2. Those are cool--probably nice to step out of your normal line work for once. Or, maybe it wasn't the first time... question: you drew the entire thing? or was a rough sketch supplied which you just added to with your ink?

  3. I just inked it. We were given an image a Heart and a Pancreas that was already drawn by someone else. All I did was went in there to give it more of a comic book feel to the line work with the hatching. Then the second version with the cross hatching. They decided to go with the the second version and ran with that.