Friday, September 11, 2009

Spatter and Splatter

What is this??? Every so often, I would pull out the white ink and do different techniques with my inking work. Sometimes I'll use the white ink and ink with it. There are also times where I can use the white ink to cover up mistakes. Then other times, I'll use the white ink to spatter or splatter. *SPLAT SPLAT!*
Here's a effect that I did with white ink. I take a toothbrush and spatter it on top of the inked artwork. Here's the trick. When I hold the toothbrush directly on top of the art and do the spatter effect, I get perfectly round dots. Some big, some small. The distance where you hold the brush to the art also determines how big the dots will be. When I hold the toothbrush in an angle and do the effect, I get directional splatter. Splatter with an "L". It gives the effect more of an action sense. In this case, I've done both. On top of that, I've done both the spatter and splatter above an inking technique that I often do. It's sort of a cross hatching/blooping thing. I've been told that I'm the only inker who can make that effect look like that. Nice compliment. I'm sure there are others who can do the same.

And that's how I got that cool effect. Below is the page where I did that effect on, last panel right side.
This page is from the comic, Dark Reign: Young Avengers #4 (see blog below).


  1. Nice work, Waldorf. You're like the Dr. Henry Lee of comic book splatter effects. You could make a nice little side income as an expert witness.

  2. Glad I could give you a daily topic for your blog. But I figured it was that approach with the TB. That flicker effect does work pretty darn cool. Did you end up taping off the figure or because you're so close you don't worry about the splatter? I just like how you went into the pages and did the waffle hatching first then the splatters.

  3. dhp, everytime I splatter, the term "Blood Splatter" comes to mind. I've been watching too much CSI.

    Patrick, I do mask everything out before I splatter. Covering up the outside panels, the head/shoulder inside the panel, and the rest of the page. Sometimes, when I get too much white, I'll go back in there and re-ink some of the waffle hatching.