Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Here's a comic that I did some inking work on. PREDATOR #2. Dark Horse Comics sent me three comp issues as pictured below. This time, I got creative with the pictures. I pulled out the original art I did for it and use them as a backdrop for the picture. Neat, eh?
The pencils were drawn by Javier Saltares. Well... I should say "laid out by". He is the series artist and does the inking himself. I'm not sure if he went to San Diego Comic Con or not. In any case, the Editor contacted me right before the convention to help out on a few pages. I told him I'll be attending the convention and won't be able to do anything during that time. He said it was okay as long as I can do a few before and after the Con. He also mentioned the pencils were more like layouts because the series artist would ink himself, leaving the detailing for the inking stage. So when I got the pencilled pages, I had to fine tune them and here's how a couple of those pages turned out...
Here's a page with the Predator. This was my first time working on Predator so that was a treat for me. If you click on the image look closely at the rifel scope, you can sorta read my name in on it. The penciller sketched that on and I went with it. Very nice of him to plug my name.
Have any of you seen the Predator movies which stars California's "Governator", Arnold Schwarzenegger? Anyhoo, in the movie, the Predators has this cool effect where they use this infrared vision. They can see their prey in color hues with the body heat it's emitted. So, I just couldn't resist doing this. Lets say one of the Predators got a hold of that original art work above. He came to my studio when I was asleep. Pick up the art work, but couldn't see it in the dark. So he flipped on his infrared vision and this is what the Predator sees...
Sorta like looking at the mirror for him, no? But how is the artwork emitting heat, you ask? Simple, I was sitting on it a few hours before I went to bed and that's the lingering heat which came from my butt!
This book is in stores now. To find out more about it, click here.


  1. What were the pencils like from Saltares? I've heard his stuff is very loose. Looks like a lot of you in those pages.

  2. Saltares' pencils were loose. There were certain panels where faces hands were not drawn in. I had to double check to make sure it wasn't if he forgot to draw it or if it was part of the storyline where the hand was amputated or blown off.