Friday, October 8, 2010


Quack-Quack!  Twip-Twip!  Those are the sounds I was making while working on Amazing Spider-Man; Back in Quack #1.   You know... A duck "quacks" and when Spider-Man spins a web, the sound it makes is, "twip".   Annn-neee-waaay.... Here's the cover to this issue.
There were two pencillers on this issue which I've inked both of.  The first twelve pages were pencilled by Mark Brooks.  Here are some of my inks over Mark.  
 I dig the way Mark draws Spider-Man.  He makes him look cool and modern without the need to change anything.  Below is another nice page especially the last panel with Web-Head again.
Then there the page below with the backgrounds.  Mark apologized in advance about me inking this page because of all the backgrounds.  I told him I welcome it.  Bring it on!  I don't know about other inkers out there, but inking backgrounds is very therapeutic for me.  I enjoy it.  Not that I need therapy or anything.  The inks just seem to flow automatically.
The last ten pages were pencilled by Ray Anthony Height.  Below are a couple of pages that we did together.
I remember working on this issue thinking....  Man... I'm turning around these pages quick!  Faster than what I'm used to.  What's up with that??  I looked back at the issue and noticed all those characters with the round smiley faces.  Just a circle for the head, two dots for eyes, and a curved line for the mouth.  How easy is that?  I hardly had to ink any faces with eyeballs, nose, mouth, ears, and hair.

Then I realized, when it comes to faces, I spend a lot of time on them.  Making sure everything is inked and chiseled correctly.
After I finished all the inks, there was a last minute adjustment request from Marvel.  Below, I did some photoshop drawing/inking for the correction.  On the left is the original page before, and the right is the after printed page.  See if you can find the difference.
 Finally, here's another page all colored up my Andres Mossa.  *Twip-Twip!*
This one shot issue is in stores now.  More info here.


  1. lame, howard shouldn't have to wear pants.

    great inks, love the last panel with the cross hatching and spidey on the second posted inked page!

  2. Thanks, Adam. Yeah, that's my favorite Spider-Man image too.

  3. Saw this at the store. Missed out on the Deadpool issue but saw this instead. When I saw Brooks listed on the cover, I had to peek inside and figured you'd be on the inks.

  4. Thanks, Patrick. It's always a blast inking over Brooks.