Friday, October 1, 2010


Here's the cover to this issue.  

I inked the whole book over Carlo Barberi's pencils.  Actually, over blue line printouts over Carlo's high res scans that he sent me.  Here's one of the pages where I spent more time inking upside down.  The actual page upside down, not me hanging lover my head like a bat.  Mainly because Deadpool was upside down.
Working on this issue brings back a lot of memories.  One of the first books I've worked on for Marvel many years ago was on Deadpool.  So it was nice to be back on the title again.  Here's a splash page from this issue with Black Widow, Steve Rogers, and Moon Knight.
On top of being able to work on Deadpool, another bonus was being able to work with Carlo Barberi again.  Carlo and I did a run together on JLU (Justice League Unlimited) for DC Comics a while back.   I've always been following Carlo's work.  Even after our JLU run, I would hint him that we should work together again.  And here we are today.
Below is a double page spread from the issue.  I was a little rusty inking Carlo after all these years.  After a few pages into it, I got back into the groove.  By the time I got to this double pager, the inks were flowing better.  I'm especially happy with how the tapered lines are coming out of the blacks.  In the earlier pages, I was pulling them out with a quill.  Towards the end, I was working that effect with brush since I started to understand the pencils more.
Carlo's gotten so much better since our JLU days.  Lots of fun inking over him again.  Here's the same page all colored up by Marte Garcia.
Deadpool #27 is in stores now.  More info here.


  1. I'd love the highres to the upside down deadpool page...:+)

  2. Gah....forgot this one. Good thing I'm heading to the store this weekend!