Thursday, October 21, 2010


Another project where I helped out on.  Five pages for this issue over Javier Saltares pencils.  Here's my dandy picture of the comp copies I took.
Javier is the same person who I've inked over on Predator for Dark Horse Comics last year.  Before Predator, I've inked him on 'Avataars: Covenant of Shield' for Marvel.
I think Javier is the only penciller whom I've inked over for all three DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse comics.  All of which were helping out on a few pages because of deadlines.  I was already comfortable with Javier's pencils so I was confident going forth.
 Some of the pencils were sketchy which gave me an opportunity to go in there and tighten things up a bit.
Add some lines here, hatch here, cross hatch there, textures everywhere.  Which was a lot of fun.
Before I knew it, I finished all five pages in one night.  Of course,  when got the FedEx package in the morning, I worked all the way until the next morning without any sleep.  There was a tight deadline to finsih the five pages over the weekend when I got the pages on a Thursday.  Still, I was having so much fun, I decided to work through the night.  By the time I was finished before the weekend, I surprised myself as well as the Editors.
And then I went to sleep in the morning after I turned in the pages and woke up in time for dinner.  

Bruce Wayne - The Road Home: Outsiders is in store now.  More info here


  1. Wow! You're a mad man Walden! 5 pages overnight is amazing! Even if I didn't have the excuse of wife and kids I would be hard pressed to make that happen! Looking forward to seeing what other projects you have been busy with!

  2. Hey Jack! Good to see you here! Yeah, 5 pages is a lot. I just lost track of time on these pages. Plus, I seem to work faster when the family is all asleep.