Monday, January 17, 2011


Comp copies of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne Deluxe Edition Hard Cover that I did some work in.

Some interior pages I've inked over Georges Jeanty...
And here are some pages I've inked over Lee Garbett...

My name is spelled incorrectly in the credits, "Waldon Wong".   Happens to my name every now and then.  When I see name misspellings , it makes me wonder if credits are typed in by hand, or if it's cut & pasted in.  

This is a very nice looking book.  The whole format and presentation of the book is very impressive including the sketch materials in the end.


  1. That's cool about the HC. I was waiting to get the collected edition. Finding myself gravitating towards the TPB and mostly HCs. Sit nicer on the shelf and easier to pull out and see.

    Sucks they can't edit their proofs. Especially in a situation like that. Creators' names are their identity and kind of a validation. Glad you at least don't get too hung up on it.

  2. Thanks, Patrick! This is a nicer hardcover. It's bigger than the regular sized books and it shows the art larger than normal.

    The misspelling happens ever so often that I'm used to it by now. I could say something about it, but there's really no point especially since the book is already printed. Not much anyone can do, really. All I can do is smile at it.