Monday, January 17, 2011

SUPERMAN: MON-EL VOL. 1 Trade Paperback

Comp copy of Superman: Mon-El vol.1 Trade Paperback that I did some work in.  

Here's some interior black & white pages I've inked over Pablo Raimondi
In stores now.


  1. He does really good facial expressions. You added a nice amount of shading and rendering to add to the mood of the pages. For example, without knowing the story or knowing any dialog, on the second page you posted, it is clearly a standoff taking place. The heavy shading and rendering highlight that conflict.


  2. Thanks, Patrick. Pablo Raimondi is a very good penciller. His work has a Michael Golden vibe to it. I told him he draws like Michael Golden when we worked on an Excalibur together. He laughed and said he's light years away from Michael Golden.

  3. Actually, he reminds me of a Barry Kitson or a Yanick Paquette. But that is cool that he at least appreciates he won't get to Golden level. I mean, it is Golden.

    Like someone trying to ape Art Adams...I mean really, there is only one Art.