Tuesday, January 11, 2011

R.E.B.E.L.S.: SONS OF BRAINIAC Trade Paperback

I inked 22 pages in this Trade Paperback over Claude St. Aubin's pencils.  Here's a splash page...

Another page.  That egg in a carton looking shell thing in the first panel took some time to ink.  Had to make sure everything was lined up keeping in mine line weights and where the light source was coming from.  Bottom of the page, we have some Kirby dots.  It's called Kirby dots because when Jack Kirby drew comics, he would draw these black dots in various sizes to simulate and energy effect.
More Kirby dots below.  The snake skin texture towards the bottom of the page was an interesting effect to do.  Inked with a stippling effect.  In fact, the majority of the pages had a lot of stippling going on.  I used a quill for all of that.  Depending on how much pressurem you can control how big or small the stippling dots can be.  Something that can't be done with microns or tech pens.  Unless, of course, you plan to keep switching out different sized microns/tech pens.  Much quicker and more control with a quill when stippling.
Finally, this cool looking page with a Green Lantern looking fellow.  Except, he doesn't have the Green Lantern logo on his chest.  Just a white oval.


  1. Give you a lot of credit for not going batty inking those pages with the snake skin effect. Man, sure your eyes were bugging out when you were done with those pages.

    Sweet stuff. Nice insight on the process.

  2. Thanks, Patrick. I appreciate that.