Monday, January 3, 2011


My inks over Ray Anthony Height's pencils.  Not quite sure if the words BIG TIME is part of the working title.   Thought it was SPIDER-GIRL.  Or maybe it's BIG TIME SPIDER-GIRL.   In any case... here's some of my inks.  

One of the first Spider-Man books I've bought was Amazing Spider-Man #252.  That's the issue when Spider- Man first got his new Black costume, which was an alien symbiote that later became Venom.  Anyhoo... on this page, Spider Girl is wearing a black costume.  Not quite Spider-Man in his black outfit, but close!  My first time inking the black outfit (amazing how so little can me make me so happy).
And that's it for the costume!  Below is a page where I decided to add details to the bike on the last panel.  Usually when I get a page to work on that's doesn't excite me much, I look for something to do on it that'll make it fun.  And the bike was something to look forward to inking.   
Here's how the bike was originally pencilled on the left and my inks on the right.  I even added the rest of her left foot behind the front wheel.   Fun stuff to do when inking.
Finally, the best page of the lot.  One with the Globlin in it.  I went all out with the inks on this one.  Minor fixes here and there and Wha-La! 
Spider-Girl #2 is in store now.  Big Time!!!

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