Monday, July 20, 2009

Current Comics

Here's an update on the Secret Identities/John Steinbeck Library signing I posted about earlier.
Current Comics was one of the sponsors for the event. They were kind enough to send me some pictures of what they took.

Here's a picture of the library's front door. Regular business hours closes at 6pm that day. There was an hour set up before the 7pm event where they re-opened the door.

Closer picture of the door with the flyer right up front. Everybody who would have walked into the library would have see that flyer during the course of the week.
Here's a picture of Jeff Yang giving a presentation on the right while I was sketching on the left.
Another shot close up shot of us doing our thing.
Below is a picture of the same flyer that promoted the event. Pictured on the left, a 'Calendar of Events" brochure for the months of July-September which also spotlighted the event, A copy of the Secret Identities anthology book, and a exclusive Book Plate which was given out at the event which Jeff and I signed for everyone.
Picture of me the left, Current Comics Manager Chris Arrocena, and Jeff Yang.
And the three of us plugging Current Comics.
Current Comics has two locations, One located in Monterey and the other in Salinas. Chris Arrocena manages the Salinas location. Very nice guy. You can check out Current Comic's website by clicking here. They have pictures of the store on their website and it's very nicely laid out.
If you're ever in the Salinas or Monterey area, drop by and say "Hi". Tell them Walden sent ya.

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  1. I missed getting this book at the Con cause I never saw the booth, but going to pick up a copy at a local Barnes and Noble store. Looks cool!