Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What happened to Wolverine's claws??

Like a lot of us comic book fans, we grew up knowing Wolverine pops his claws. *SKINT* Every time that happen, it was always on the back of his hand.
When the X-men movie came out and we saw Wolverine, the Claws migrated to the knuckles as shown here.
Whups. That was the wrong picture above. Three claws on the knuckle as shown below in the X-Men movies.
Quickly after the movies, comic books started having Wolverine and his claws pop from his knuckles with the special effect, SKINT!
I was looking at some comics today and notice this image of Wolverine.
I had to do a double take. Did the artist draw Wolverine's claw incorrectly or is that how he is now? So I looked for more recent images of Wolverine and his claws and found another with the same deal.
One of the claws is popping out of his wrist!!! What's the deal with that?
That's gotta hurt. Gives a whole new meaning to wrist cutting.


  1. that's cause that's not Wolvie, it's his son Daken

  2. That's Daken. The son Logan thought he never had. He had a wife in Japan who was killed and he thought his son was dead to. But he lived and is not as nice like his dear old paw :P.

  3. I need to catch up on Wolverine. Now that Daken is around t he Wolverine series, what ever happened to papa Wolverine?