Saturday, July 18, 2009

John Steinbeck Library signing

On July 17th, I did another signing for the Anthology Secret Identities at the John Steinbeck Library in Salinas, California. This was the very next day after the Giant Robot Signing. Here is the flyer, online ad, info about it. They did a great job advertising the event. It was a big turnout. The Drive from San Francisco to Salinas was supposed to be two hours. My drive became three hours because there was a traffic accident in the middle of the freeway added to the after work Friday afternoon rush hour. Here's a picture of the accident. Traffic was bumper to bumper up until the accident. Everybody just had to stop and rubberneck. Three car accident and police, fire truck, and ambulance was all over the scene. What was a five lane freeway became two lanes where everybody had to merge to the left.
Three hours later, I finally reached my destination. Right in front of the library, there was a sign that advertised the event. Nice touch.
Parked the car and got to the front of the John Steinbeck Library. The name John Steinbeck will be forever engraved in my head because in High School, there was a book called The Grapes of Wrath that everyone had to read. Then watched a movie of it, then dissected it.
As I approached the front door, I saw this display at the library. In it were comics, Manga, toys, and posters. Something you don't see everyday at library displays.

Here are a few pictures of what's in it close up. Of couse Naruto is there. Every Manga reader knows who Naruto is. Just like how everyone knows who Batman is if they're a comic book fan. No clue what that mask on the bottom right it.
They even had a Death of Superman issue displayed. Along with the Batmobile and Jokermobile. At least I think it's the Jokermobile with it's purple and green color.
And here you'll see Spider-Man. Poor InuYasha poster, looks like it feel out of place.

As they let me in the library, there was also a display with a bunch of flyers and ads about this event as well as other comic books and mangas. This is one of the most impressive libraries I've been to. Large, roomy, lounge area, and it feels more like a retail store than anything else. All their books were nicely displayed. I asked what's up with all the comic book displays and such and was told that July was Graphic Novel month for them.
The Secret Identities event was about four hours. Below is a picture of both Jeff Yang, who's one of the editors of the book, and myself on the left Jeff gave a presentation of what Secret Identities was about then we did a workshop were the audience participated in creating a character and I drew what they were describing. Followed by a signing of the book where I also gave free quick sketches to people. The event went buy so quick. I didn't have time to take more pictures. There were other people at the event taking pictures and video taping. I had to sign a release to allow the library to use reuse the video. If I get a hold of more pictures or video, I'll post it.
Right after the event, I was told that the local newspaper had a write up about the event and my name was mentioned in it. They gave me one of the newspaper as picture below.
Here's the article about. They even used the image that I worked on. I drew red arrows where my name was plugged as well as the artwork. You can expand the image by clicking onto it.

They made a boo-boo where they wrote "...the Eisner Award-winning Superman Red,..." It's actually Superman Red Son (as I blogged below) and was only nominated for an Eisner Award. It didn't win.

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