Friday, March 19, 2010

Disney Princess

My daughter's first grade class was talking about what parents do for a living. She told everyone "My Daddy's an artist". She comes home and asked me to draw something for her to bring to class so she can show and tell. Apparently, I'm the only parent in the class that's an artist. I though to myself maybe I can just give her some comic book original art and she can bring that. Then she says, "Can you draw some Disney Princess for me? I like Disney Princess." I said okay. Then I walk around the house, gathering up all the Disney Princess items I can find... toys, clothing, lunch boxes, shoes, and everything else. As long as there's an image of a Disney Princess on it, I gathered them up for references. Then I pencilled and inked this on a 11x17 bristol board.
After the black and white drawing, I was going to call it quits. Then I thought about kids in the first grade. How often do they see Disney princess in just black and white line work. Unless of course, it's a coloring book. Then I decided to color it. I asked my daughter to let me borrow her color pencils. It was either that or crayons. I choose color pencils because it was less messy. She brings me back about 5 color pencils. Not much colors to choose from. But at least there's the primary colors so I can mix them to get other colors and add tones. Two hours later and here's the results.
She took it to school and everybody loved it. Although I wasn't there, I've been told that when my daughter showed this in her class, everybody huddled around her to look. She said things like, "My daddy drew this! Be careful, don't bend it." Kids that age are cute when they're sharing.

Just another one of those moments where I'm proud to do something for my daughter to make her happy.


  1. AW!! That's sweet. = w =
    Are you teaching this summer? O:

  2. how come none of them are nippin' out??

  3. LOL!! It felt nasty when I was shading in the cleavage for some of them.

  4. Wow... you went overboard on this one, lol. Most parents would probably draw just one princess, but you did six. Not to belittle all the work you've done in comics, but this has to be the most powerful and meaningful work you've ever done. Imagine the positive influence you passed on to your daughter. Priceless!

  5. Thanks Fred. Believe me, all the time I was working on that piece, I was thinking to myself, am I doing too much? Am I going overboard? In the end when she came back home with that huge smile and starting talking about what happened with the princess artwork, it was all worth it.

    Looking back, I think I applied a little too much 'makeup' on Belle (Beauty and the Beast). She was the first to get the colors on her face. That face sure doesn't look like a princess to me anymore, if you know what I mean :P

  6. Thanks Merbitt. You're too kind.