Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here's a nice surprise. This come in the mail today. Superman Red Son Motion Comics DVD that I did some work in. Along with a nice letter thanking me for my contribution to the project. I knew DC Comics was doing motion comics for download. Didn't know there was an actual DVD that was released as well.
That paper in the back with all the DC Comic characters is just the back of the same letter. The neat thing about the letter is, if you hold it up and look at it through the light, Wonder Woman is holding the DC logo on top of her. The same logo that's in the front of the letter you see in the picture above. I get that same paper every now and then from DC, just thought it would be cool to show some of you guys.

Open it up and here's the DVD below. Nice Superman Red Son image on the DVD. Very cool
Here's the back of the DVD box. I dig the way the credits are listed on the bottom. The format is the same as those credits you see in movie posters. I'm listed there right before the colorist.
This is on sale now. 


  1. That's cool. I was hoping it was on Netflix or Netflix streaming but alas no.

    Cool you got a copy!

  2. Thanks. I still need to find a chunk of time to sit down and watch this.