Thursday, March 25, 2010


"He never gives up. He's always there, Fighting for freedom over land and air.  GI Joe.  A real American hero.  GI Joe is there.  Geee- Eyeee-Joeee! 

Okay, enough of the singing.  Here's something I worked on sometime last year that's finally out.  GI Joe Origins #13 published by IDW (Idea and Design Works).  I've inked the whole issue over S.L. Gallant's pencils.  There's two different covers for this issues and below are the comp copies I got.
All of this was inked on Blue Lines.  The guys over at IDW were great to work with.  They gave me a lot of time to work on this issue.  

Funny thing on how I got this project.  One day, I was at a comic book store looking to buy some comics.   There's this local comic book store that always over stocks their shelves and when people simply walk near them, comics just leaps forward and falls off the shelves.  Just like a domino effect, one at a time, PLOP... PLOP... PLOP.  

Anyway, while I was looking for comics, books next to me were taking a dive off the shelves as if possessed by spirits.  As a normal customer would, I go there, pick it up and put it back on the shelves.   While I was picking them back up, more comics were falling on top of me.  PLOP... PLOP... PLOP.  What the hell!  And one of those comics was GI Joe Snake Eyes, which the cover also caught my eye.  Probably because it fell on my head and there was a cool drawing of Snake Eyes on top of the Arashikage logo  printed in bright red foil (To see what I'm taking about, click here).  I bought that issue, opened up the bag and immediately notice an editor friend.  I contacted him about the book and how cool it was and the very same week, I got this project.  

Here are a couple of pages from this issue.  It stars one of the GI Joe characters, Ripcord.
I didn't see any links for this issue on the internet, so here's a quick overview of this issue so you know what it's about:
     First appearance of RIPCORD! The latest candidate for G.I. JOE status may already be dead! Meet Wallace Weems, a soldier everybody calls RIPCORD. Lost in a forbidding jungle, Ripcord has one mission: SURVIVE! And if he doesn't outwit, outfight, and outlast the terrorists hunting him, thousands more might die!
And knowing, is half the battle - YO JOE!

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